High Energy Theory Seminar – Fall 2019


In selected weeks, we will have formal seminar talks by external speakers. All other talks in the HEP seminar are held by students for students. Clearly, faculty members will also participate. The format is informal. The talks are 45 minutes long, plus a generous amount of discussion time.

Location: 338 Gallalee Hall
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Some references: TBA


Date Speaker Topic
Aug 30

Sep 6

Markus Garbiso (UA)

Casey Cartwright (UA)

Introduction to Modern Entanglement Entropy

Entropy and Area – Notes

Sep 13 Sugumi Kanno (Osaka University) Detecting nonclassical primordial gravitational waves with Hanbury Brown – Twiss interferometry – Abstract
Sep 20 Roshan Koirala (UA)
Entanglement in 2d CFT and connection to holography
Sep 27 Marco Knipfer (UA)
The Unruh Effect and Hawking Radiation – Notes
Oct 04 Matthias Kaminski (UA) Chiral transport in strong magnetic fields from hydrodynamics & holography – Slides
Oct 11 Chuang Xu (UA) Three dimensional Chern-Simons Theory – Notes
Oct 18 Victor Baules (UA)
An overview of the SLq(2) Extension of the Standard Model – NotesReferences
Oct 25 Rachalis Maharucksit (UA) No Rishon: Phase space point of view – Notes
Nov 01  — Fall Break
Nov 08 Dwaipayan Majumdar (UA) Effective Lagrangian of the EM field in QED – Notes
Nov 15 Prof. Sanjoy Sarker (UA) Introduction to High T_c superconductivity
Nov 22 Taoli Liu (UA) The real singlet scalar dark matter model
Nov 29  No Seminar Thanksgiving
Dec 06 Everyone Discussion & Weihnachtsfeier:

Evaluation of this term / Plan for next term (and cookies)


Dec 09

Room 328

Prof. Osamu Seto (Hokkaido University)
Electric dipole moments and Higgs funnel annihilating dark matter
in CPV MSSM – Abstract

Previous HEP Theory Seminars

Semester Topic
Spring 2019 Conformal Field Theory
Fall 2018

Spring 2018

Anomalies in Quantum Field Theory

Quantum field theory in curved spacetime

Fall 2017

Spring 2017


Synergy – different views on the same topic

Fall 2016 Limitations of quantum field theory