MS Checklist

Key Steps, Deadlines, and Forms

Plan I = thesis | Plan II = no thesis, extra courses

Plan Action Deadline Signatures Copies
I+II Complete graduate advising with advisors for registration every semester advisor, advising comm D***
I+II Complete add/drop of classes consult advisor if after drop/add week grad, advisor D
I Choose research advisor by 2nd semester
I+II If in PhD program (i.e. if not admitted as an MS student), email grad school* 1st week of graduating sem
I+II Submit request for transfer of graduate credit if needed (date) none GS, D
I Appoint/change master’s thesis committee before scheduling defense comm, chair GS, D
I+II Submit application for degree (through myBama**) 1st week of graduating sem (date) chair 2GS, D
I Schedule thesis defense >8 weeks before grad
I Submit thesis to dept comm 2 weeks before thesis defense
I Submit, to dept office, information to announce defense 2 weeks before thesis defense none D
I Complete thesis defense and submit information for defense electronic approval process to the department office (committee members, date of defense, and outcome)**** >6 weeks before grad committee GS, D
I Submit information for thesis approval electronic form to department office (example “offline” form showing needed information)**** after thesis defense comm, chair 3GS, D
I Submit approved thesis to grad school,

see submission process and preparation manual

6 weeks before grad (date) GS
II Take comprehensive exam and submit, to dept office, information for electronic approval form (committee members, date) ****
NOTE: can count as Prelim if in PhD program
>2 weeks before grad (date) committee GS, D


*Email the physics & astronomy graduate director and the Graduate School that you need to add the MS degree program (needed regardless of whether you are finishing with an MS or completing it on the way to a PhD);  After following the graduate school’s instructions, which may require other steps, having the degree program on your UA record will make it possible to apply to graduate, the next step.

**After notifying Grad School that you are picking up MS on the way to PhD, apply for MS degree through myBama: myBama > Student tab > Student Services > Student Records > Apply to Graduate.

***D = department; GS = Graduate School

**** These forms are approved electronically via email by each committee member