High Energy Theory Seminar

Overview – Fall 2021

In selected weeks, we will have formal seminar talks by external speakers. All other talks in the HEP seminar are held by students for students. Clearly, faculty members will also participate. The format is informal. The talks are 45 minutes long, plus 15 minutes of discussion time.

Location: Zoom Link upon request / distributed internally
Time: 12:00 noon (Central Standard Time)


Date Speaker Topic
Aug 20 No seminar.  –
Aug 27 Everyone. Organizational meeting.
Sep 03 No seminar.
Sep 10 No seminar.
Sep 17 Prof. Marcos Mariño (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
Resurgence and renormalons in quantum field theory
Sep 24 Casey Cartwright (UA) A brief introduction to random matrix theory – NotesMathematica Notebook
Oct 01 Rachalis Maharucksit (UA) Standard Model Particles from Complex Octonions – Notes
Oct 08 Victor Baules (UA)

A brief introduction to differential forms and application to Riemannian geometry – Notes

Oct 15 Chuang Xu (UA) JT dilaton gravity and its holographic dual – Notes
Oct 22 Marco Knipfer (UA)
Oct 29 Fall break.
Nov 05 Puja Das (UA)
Nov 12 Dr. Benjamin Withers (University of Southampton, UK)
Nov 19 Dr. Giovanni Villadoro (ICTP, Italy)
Nov 26 Thanksgiving.
Dec 03 Taoli Liu (UA)  

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