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The AIP Grad School Shopper website provides summaries of most (but not all) Physics and/or Astronomy departments in the United States including application deadlines and links to the program pages including funding resources etc. Some Universities have separate departments for Physics and Astronomy so make sure to check.

Most PhD programs in Physics and Astronomy provide financial support to students via either teaching assistantships (TAs), research assistantships (RAs), or fellowships. Funding for Masters programs are not as common.  Check each department website for details.

Every department will have a website that lists what you need to submit as part of your application to graduate school. At minimum, you will be asked for your undergraduate transcripts, statement of purpose, and three letters of recommendations. Some departments may require scores for tests like the GRE or the Physics GRE. Some departments may have a separate (earlier) deadline for those who would like to be considered for fellowships.

You may also find the Graduate School Shopper online magazine useful. It is a student guide to grad schools in Physics, Astronomy, and related fields.

GRE and Physics GRE

Many schools require the GRE and/or the subject GRE for admission into graduate school. Both tests are administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

You can find dates and locations of tests at: Physics GRE dates

Not all universities require the GRE or Physics GRE. Here is a document which provides information on the GRE and/or Physics GRE requirements for US/Canadian Astronomy and Physics Programs. While this list is curated by physicists and astronomers, the PGRE requirements can change so please refer to individual departments’ grad school webpages to confirm this information.

Fellowships and Scholarships for Graduate School

There are a number of federal fellowships you can apply for in your final year of undergraduate studies or during graduate school, for example the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. For information on US Federal Fellowships for Graduate School, please refer to this page.

For information on many private or non-profit fellowships and scholarships for Graduate School, please refer to this page.

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