Course Resources: Physics (PH)

100-Level Courses

PH 101: General Physics I

PH 102: General Physics II

PH 105: General Physics w/Calculus I

PH 106: General Physics w/Calculus II

PH 111: Introductory Physics Seminar

PH 115: Descriptive Physics

PH 125: Honors General Physics w/Calculus I

PH 126: Honors General Physics w/Calculus II

200-Level Courses

PH 253: Intro to Modern Physics

PH 255: Modern Physics Laboratory

300-Level Courses

PH 301: Mechanics

PH 302: Intermediate Mechanics

PH 331: Electricity and Magnetism I

PH 332: Electricity and Magnetism II

PH 333: Optics

PH 334: Analog Electronics

PH 354: Intermediate Modern Physics

400-Level Courses

PH 411: Biophysics (from UAB)

PH 412: Physics Pedagogy

PH 413: High School Physics Labs I

PH 414: High School Physics Labs II

PH 415: High School Physics Labs III

PH 434: Digital Electronics

PH 441: Quantum Structure of Matter I

PH 442: Quantum Structure of Matter II

PH 451: Atomic and Molecular Physics

PH 461: Nuclear and Particle Physics

PH 471: Thermal Physics

PH 481: Solid State Physics

PH 482: Special Topics in Physics – Relativity

PH 488: Nanophysics

PH 490: Honors Seminar in Physics

PH 491: Advanced Laboratory

PH 493: Introduction to Research

PH 495: Independent Study I

PH 495: Nanophysics (from UAB)

PH 496: Independent Study II