Denny Chimes
Denny Chimes, a campus landmark familiar to University of Alabama alumni, friends, and fans worldwide.

Thank you for your interest in giving to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The generous support and continued involvement of our alumni and friends allow us to do more in research, educate our students better, and more actively serve the local and international physics and astronomy community.

Your gifts and support of our programs can add to and enhance what we are able to do. With your help we can

  • award scholarships and supplemental support to outstanding students in order to bring the best national and international students to the University of Alabama and to improve their ability to accomplish world-class research
  • enable students to attend academic conferences to present their research and enhance both their own research visibility and that of The University of Alabama
  • bring in nationally and internationally renowned guest speakers for our weekly colloquium series and for high quality public talks for the university and the community
  • expand our ability to conduct public outreach by maintaining and improving facilities like our telescopes and popular physics demonstration equipment

No matter the amount, the support of our friends and alumni is important to us. Please consider making a gift to the Department of Physics and Astronomy today.

How to Give

Giving is quick, easy, and secure:

  • Open the University’s online giving page.
  • In the box that says “Can’t find your fund?  Search All UA Funds here.” type “physics”
  • Select either the E. Scott Barr Physics Scholarship or the more general Physics Gift Fund
  • Complete the remainder of the form. Then submit your information. You’ll be directed to the payment page.
  • Thanks for your gift!


If you are interested in providing a more formal donation or sponsorship, please contact the physics department office.