HEP Seminar – Prof. Makoto Natsuume (KEK, Tsukuba) – Spring 2023

Speaker: Prof. Makoto Natsuume (KEK, Tsukuba)

Title: Holographic Meissner effect

Abstract: I will talk about the holographic superconductor (HSC) which is the holographic dual of superconductivity. The goal is twofold. First, the characteristic feature of superconductivity is the Meissner effect, but in the conventional analysis, there is no Meissner effect. This is because the boundary Maxwell field is not dynamical. I explain how to implement the Meissner effect in HSCs. Second, we determine the dual Ginzburg-Landau theory analytically for a bulk 5-dimensional HSC. (Makoto Natsuume and Takashi Okamura: 2207.07182)