Graduate Advising


Marcos Santander talking to prospective graduate studentsGraduate students are required to meet with an advisor each semester to plan their class schedules for the next semester. Each graduate student should update their advising worksheet for use during advising meetings. The worksheet should list past, current, and proposed courses. Students should usually enroll in 10 credit hours per semester, including research hours (if applicable), in order for degree requirements to be completed in a reasonable time.

Students should first consult with their research advisors (if they have one), then consult with an academic advisor on the Graduate Advising Committee. The advising worksheet requires approval by both the research advisor (if applicable), and an academic advisor (any member of the current graduate advising committee). After consulting with advisors, the student should submit the online advising form.  Soon after doing so, they will receive a confirmation that their registration hold has been removed and any course sections they need created and registration permissions granted.  They should then register for the courses they planned.

Graduate Advising Committee

  • Dean Townsley (astro)
  • Paulo Araujo (experimental condensed matter)
  • Geog Schwiete (theoretical condensed matter)
  • Nobu Okada (theoretical particle)
  • Igor Ostrovskiy (experimental particle)


  1. Update advising worksheet online form, save PDF but don’t submit yet
  2. Consult with research advisor (if applicable) via meeting or email for approval
  3. Consult with an academic advisor (from Grad Advising Committee) for approval
  4. Submit online worksheet online form and wait for email confirmation
  5. Register for classes

Advising Worksheets

The worksheet completed every semester is provided via this adaptive online survey.

This worksheet is also used to develop or amend each student’s plan of study. (see the PhD checklist)

Doctoral Candidates

Students who have passed their preliminary exam and advanced to candidacy no longer fill out a form each semester, but must still register for dissertation hours each semester when notified and meet with their dissertation committee annually.