High Energy Theory Seminar – Spring 2020


In selected weeks, we will have formal seminar talks by external speakers. All other talks in the HEP seminar are held by students for students. Clearly, faculty members will also participate. The format is informal. The talks are 45 minutes long, plus a generous amount of discussion time.

Location: 338 Gallalee Hall
Time: 3:00 p.m.
Some references: TBA


Date Speaker Topic
Jan 10 No Seminar. First Week.
Jan 17 Markus Garbiso (UA) Hydrodynamics of Globally Rotating Fluids Via Holography – slides
Jan 24 Casey Cartwright (UA) A brief Introduction to Resurgence, Trans Series & Alien Calculus – Notes
Jan 31 Marco Knipfer (UA) How can QFT even make sense? – Notes
Feb 07 Rachalis Maharucksit (UA)
Introduction to Spacetime Algebra – Notes
Feb 14 Victor Baules (UA) Hidden Local Symmetry and Effective Field Theory – Notes
Feb 21 Chuang Xu (UA) An Introduction To Mirror Symmetry – Notes
Feb 28 Taoli Liu (UA)
Introduction to Effective Field Theory(EFT) – Notes
Mar 06 Roshan Koirala (UA) Relativistic imperfect fluids – AbstractNotes
Mar 13 Prof. Nobuchika Okada (UA) Freeze-in Dark Matter and Lifetime Frontier – Abstract
Mar 20 No Seminar. Spring Break
Mar 27 TBA TBA
Apr 03 No Seminar.
Honors Day.
Apr 10 Marco Cavaglia (University of Mississippi) TBA
Apr 17 Benjamin Harms (UA) TBA
Apr 24 Everyone Discussion (review of Spring 2020 / planning Fall 2020)
May 01 No seminar. Finals Week.

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