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Theory Seminar by Seminar by Prof. Dr. Brian Swingle (Brandeis University)

April 25 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Brian Swingle (Brandeis)

Title: Cosmology from random entanglement

Abstract: We construct entangled microstates of a pair of holographic CFTs whose dual semiclassical description includes big bang-big crunch AdS cosmologies in spaces without boundaries. The cosmology is supported by inhomogeneous heavy matter and it partially purifies the bulk entanglement of two disconnected auxiliary AdS spacetimes. We show that the island formula for the fine grained entropy of one of the CFTs follows from a standard gravitational replica trick calculation. In generic settings, the cosmology is contained in the entanglement wedge of one of the two CFTs. We then investigate properties of the cosmology-to-boundary encoding map, and in particular, its non-isometric character. Restricting our attention to a specific class of states on the cosmology, we provide an explicit, and state-dependent, boundary representation of operators acting on the cosmology.

Location: GL328

Time: 17:00 (Central Time)