About the Summer School and Workshop

This international workshop and summer school will take place at The University of Alabama, in conjunction with the two-day General Relativity Centennial Ceremony planned by the Department of Physics and Astronomy. The full event lasts 7 days (from Saturday to the following Friday) and is tailored toward 15 local graduate students, postdocs, and faculty from UA, plus about 10 invited international experts. Outside participants are welcome depending on room capacity.

Summer School

During the first 2 days of this event, lectures and exercises on holography and related topics will be provided by international experts. These activities will be targeted towards graduate students with limited prior knowledge of quantum field theory and general relativity.


The following 5 days will be tailored more towards the international experts. But students and interested faculty are encouraged to participate. The format of scientific talks and associated problem-solving sessions will be continued also during this part of the event. These “Problem Sessions” can be used for working in groups on problems suggested by the speakers, for individual work, or for discussion. The main idea is to have everybody in one room and to provide an environment for interaction.

General Relativity Centennial Ceremony

There are going to be two public lectures on general relativity, one of which is given by Prof. Robert Wald during the workshop week. The other public lecture by Prof. Heino Falcke takes place the week after the workshop, on Thursday, Oct 5. Prof. Wald will also give a colloquium talk during the workshop week.


  • Dr. Hans Bantilan (University of Colorado, Boulder, CO)
  • Dr. Takaaki Ishii (University of Colorado, Boulder, CO)
  • Dr. Stefan Janiszewski (University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada)
  • Dr. Kristan Jensen (Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Karch (University of Washington, Seattle, WA)
  • Dr. Johannes Oberreuter (Technische Universität München, Germany)
  • Dr. Christopher Rosen (Imperial College, London, U.K.)
  • Dr. Christoph Uhlemann (University of Washington, Seattle, WA)
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Wald (University of Chicago, Chicago, IL)
  • Dr. Wilke van der Schee (MIT, Cambridge, MA)

Local Participants

  • Andrew Buccilli
  • Andrea Chaney
  • Jason Carson
  • Arindam Das
  • Alex Drozd
  • Sergio Fabi
  • Shak Fernandes
  • Dr. Benjamin Harms
  • Dr. Tran Minh Hieu
  • Shaoqi Hou
  • Mitchell Hughes
  • Roshan Koirala
  • Lei Lu
  • Dr. Badr Awad Elseid Mohammed
  • Nathan Papapietro
  • Dr. Sanjoy Sarker
  • Digesh Raut
  • Dr. Allen Stern
  • Dr. Pieter Visscher
  • Desmond Villalba
  • Dr. Jackson Wu