International Research Workshop & Summer School

Holography Near and Far-From Equilibrium

research workshop posterDuring the past few years, the holographic principle in the form of the gauge/gravity correspondence has been applied to many strongly coupled systems. It started out with applications to heavy ion collisions including the proposal of the viscosity over entropy density bound. This was followed by a thorough formal review and extensions of relativistic hydrodynamics. Later, the focus was put on condensed matter applications, for example on unconventional superconductors. Recent progress allows us to explore physics far away from equilibrium holographically. Numerical methods are becoming more and more important in solving the relevant highly nonlinear, coupled, partial differential equations resulting from Einstein’s equations.

This meeting aims to share the latest methods and ideas for holography near and far-from equilibrium. Experts on the gauge/gravity correspondence and students will come together in order to share knowledge and define the future goals for this thriving field of research.

Dates: October 24-30, 2015
Location: 1012 North Research Engineering Complex (NERC), University of Alabama
Organizer: Matthias Kaminski, University of Alabama

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