Igor Ostrovskiy

Associate Professor


  • PhD, University of Alabama, 2011


Dr. Ostrovskiy’s two primary research foci are search for magnetic monopoles and R&D for the next-generation liquified noble gas experiments searching for neutrinoless double beta decay and dark matter. For the up-to-date information about the Dr. Ostrovskiy’s research and for the opportunities to participate, please visit the group’s website.

 Dr. Ostrovskiy received his PhD from the University of Alabama in 2011. He was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford from 2012 to 2016. He joined the faculty of the University of Alabama in 2016.

Office Hours

By appointment

Selected Publications

Select recent publications to which the Dr. Ostrovskiy’s group has made substantial contributions:

1. S.Li, I.Ostrovskiy et al. Generative adversarial networks for scintillation signal simulation in EXO-200. Journal of Instrumentation. 18 (06), P06005 (2023).

2. DARWIN collaboration. GPU-based optical simulation of the DARWIN detector. Journal of Instrumentation. 17, P07028 (2022). Corresponding author

3. MoEDAL collaboration. Search for magnetic monopoles produced via the Schwinger mechanism. Nature. 602, 63–67 (2022). Corresponding author

4. MoEDAL collaboration. First Search for Dyons with the Full MoEDAL Trapping Detector in 13 TeV pp Collisions. Physical Review Letters. 126, 071801 (2021). Former student made significant contributions, including results plots

5. EXO-200 collaboration. Measurement of the Spectral Shape of the β-Decay of 137Xe to the Ground State of 137Cs in EXO-200 and Comparison with Theory. Physical Review Letters. 124, 232502 (2020). Corresponding author

6. P.Nakarmi, I.Ostrovskiy, A.Soma et al. Reflectivity and PDE of VUV4 Hamamatsu SiPMs in liquid xenon. Journal of Instrumentation. 15, P01019 (2020).

7. MoEDAL collaboration. Magnetic Monopole Search with the Full MoEDAL Trapping Detector in 13 TeV p-p Collisions Interpreted in Photon-Fusion and Drell-Yan Production. Physical Review Letters. 123, 021802 (2019). Former student contributed MC simulations and acceptance calculations for spin-1 MMs with β-dependent and β-independent couplings

8. S. Delaquis, M.J. Jewell, I. Ostrovskiy et al. Deep neural networks for energy and position reconstruction in EXO-200. Journal of Instrumentation. 13 P08023 (2018). Corresponding author

9. I. Ostrovskiy and K. O’Sullivan. Search for neutrinoless double beta decay. Brief review. Modern Physics Letters A. 31, no. 18 (2016).  Corresponding author

10. I. Ostrovskiy, F. Retiere et al. Characterization of Silicon Photomultipliers for nEXO. Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on 62, 1825-1836 (2015). Corresponding author


For a complete bibliography, see the Dr. Ostrovskiy’s Google Scholar profile.