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High Energy Theory Seminar – Prof. Dr. Robert Myers (Perimeter Institute)


Speaker: Prof. Dr. Robert Myers (Perimeter Institute, Canada) Title: Quantum Extremal Islands Made Easy Abstract: We illustrate the appearance of quantum extremal islands in holographic setups in higher dimensions. We emphasize the close parallel with the behaviour of holographic entanglement entropy in more familiar settings. Back to HEP Seminar:

Theory Seminar by Prof. Dr. Anatoly Dymarsky (Kentucky)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Anatoly Dymarsky (University of Kentucky) Title: KdV ETH in 2d CFT at finite c Abstract: 2d conformal field theories in full generality admit an infinite tower of conserved charges, the so-called quantum KdV charges, which make the dynamics of stress-energy tensor integrable. An attempt to formulate Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis necessarily requires taking