High Energy Theory Seminar – Fall 2016

Semester Topic: Limitations of quantum field theory

In selected weeks, we will have formal seminar talks by external speakers. All other talks in the HEP seminar are held by students for students. Clearly, faculty members will also participate. The format is informal. The talks are 45 minutes long, plus a generous amount of discussion time.

Location: 338 Gallalee Hall
Time: 3:00 p.m.


Date Speaker Topic
Sep 9 Desmond Villalba (UA) Convergence and QFT
Sep 16  Digesh Raut (UA)/Alexander Daniels (UA)  Instantons and solitons in Physics / Representing Markets using the Boltzmann Distribution
Sep 23  Digesh Raut (UA)  Instantons and solitons – part 2     Notes: scan of notes – digesh
Sep 30  Roshan Koirala (UA)  Monopoles
Oct 7  Mitsutoshi Fujita (U Kentucky, Lexington)  Holographic Chern-Simons Defects
Oct 14  Andrea Chaney (UA)  Asymptotic series expansions & Resurgence
Oct 21  Bhupal Dev (Washington U at St. Louis)  A new candidate for thermal dark matter and connection to neutrino mass
Oct 28     –   Fall Break
Nov 4  Sergio Fabi (UA) Diff vs Gl(4) vs SO(3,1) vs ISO(3,1) vs P(4) for the gauge group of gravity
Nov 11  Desmond Villalba (UA)  Strong CP Problem
Nov 18  Michael F. Wondrak (FIAS Frankfurt)  Holography Far From Equilibrium Employing a Vaidya Metric
Nov 25    –  Thanksgiving
 Dec 2  –
Dec 9  Everybody  Closing Discussion – Weihnachtsfeier