High Energy Physics (HEP) Seminar, Spring 2016

Introduction to String Theory

All talks in the HEP seminar are held by students for students. Clearly, faculty are more than welcome to participate. The format is informal. The talks are 45 minutes long, plus a generous amount of discussion time. In selected weeks, we will have regular seminar talks by external speakers.

Location: 338 Gallalee Hall
Time: 4:00 p.m.

Reference Material


Date Speaker Topic
February 12 Digesh Raut The bosonic string (chapter 2)
February 19 Lei Lu Conformal field theory (chapter 3)
February 23 Prof. Osamu Seto (Hokkai-Gakuen University) Singlet doublet mixed complex scalar dark matter (abstract)
February 26 Andrea Chaney Strings with worldsheet supersymmetry, part 1 (chapter 4)
March 4 Prof. Masato Arai (Yamagata University) Hyperkahler manifolds in projective superspace formalism (abstract)
March 11 Prof. Martin Ammon (University of Jena, Germany Gravity meets condensed matter (abstract)
March 18 Spring Break
March 25 Everybody Discussion
April 1 TBD
April 8 Honors Day
April 15 Nathan Papapietro Irreducible representations, highest weight states
April 22 Roshan Koirala Superconformal algebra
April 29 Andrea Chaney 4-dimensional CFT: N=4 Super-Yang-Mills Theory