HEP Seminar Abstract – Spring 2018 – Das

Speaker: Arindam Das (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

Title: Recent updates on the right handed neutrino searches at the LHC

Abstract: The tiny neutrino mass and flavor mixings of the Standard Model neutrinos ensure the existence
of the beyond the Standard Model physics. Simplest realization of such scenario can be explained
by extending the Standard Model using SM gauge singlet right handed neutrinos in the seesaw models.
If such right handed neutrinos are existing in the electroweak scale, they will have interesting production
channels at the LHC. In this talk we will discuss such production channels of the right handed neutrinos
at the LHC. If such right handed neutrinos are heavy, they can sufficiently boost the $W$ boson produced
from the heavy neutrino decay. Using a fat jet technique we can probe such a high mass right handed
neutrinos LHC for the first time.