HEP Seminar – Fall 2017 – Abstract – Koirala – 1

Speaker: Roshan Koirala

Title: Super string theory  I: World-sheet formalism

Abstract: I will briefly review the bosonic string theory and then generalize it to include the fermionic degrees of freedom. The resulting theory is called the superstring theory. The structure of the supersymmetry in the world-sheet formalism will be emphasized. Then I will introduce the super-space formalism on the world-sheet. The benefit of the later approach is: it is manifestly supersymmetric while in the former supersymmetry is not evident obviously.
Mode expansion and quantization will not be considered in this talk. The second part of the talk will be on next week. Where I will discuss the space-time supersymmetry.


[1] “String theory and M-theory”, Becker-Becker-Schwarz.

[2]  https://math.berkeley.edu/~kwray/papers/string_theory.pdf