HEP Seminar – Fall 2017 – Abstract – Koirala – 2

Speaker: Roshan Koirala

Title: Super string theory  II: Space-time formalism

Abstract: In this week I will talk about the generalization of the Bosonic string by introducing the SUSY on space time. I will first start with adding space-time SUSY on the relativistic point particle first and later give generalized formalism for the extended object. The resulting action is called the Green-Schwarz action. The I will discuss the so called kappa symmetry of the action. Mostly, I will follow “string theory and M-theory” by Becker-Becker-Schwarz for this talk as well.


[1] “String theory and M-theory”, Becker-Becker-Schwarz.

[2]  https://math.berkeley.edu/~kwray/papers/string_theory.pdf