Colloquia 2013-2014


The Department of Physics and Astronomy hosts a colloquium every Wednesday afternoon in 227 Gallalee Hall during the fall and spring semesters (excluding holidays and exam week). Speakers include UA faculty and graduate students as well as researchers from other universities, research institutes, and government agencies. The subject matter ranges from information about the University and department to topics of recent interest in physics and astronomy. Talks are typically 45–50 minutes in length followed by ~10 minutes of questions.

Attendance is free and open to the public. Physics and astronomy graduate students are required to attend colloquia regularly, as determined by their advisors; more information about this requirement may be found in the department’s Graduate Handbook.

Visitor information, including directions and parking details, can be found on our Directions and Parking page.


This years colloquia can be found here.  Upcoming colloquia are listed in the left sidebar of this page and under the colloquium category in the department events calendar.

Fall 2013

Unless otherwise noted, 2013-2014 Colloquium is held Wednesdays 3:45-4:45 p.m. in Gallalee Hall 227. Coffee and cookies are available starting at 3:30.

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Date Title/Abstract Speaker
8/28 The discovery of a Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider Albert de Roeck, CERN and UC-Davis
9/4 No colloquium
9/11 Faculty Interests Mini-Colloquia:
How Globular Clusters Acquire Their Heavy Elements
Explosive Thermonuclear Runaways in Helium Layers on White Dwarf Stars
Klingons and hobbits and stars – oh, my! Science outreach at DragonCon
Jeremy Bailin, Dean Townsley
& Bill Keel
9/18 Faculty Interests Mini-Colloquia:
Computational investigations of static and dynamic magnetization properties of spintronic materials
Understanding nano-magnets: quantum relativistic interactions and effects
Electrical transport characterization at UA
Claudia Mewes, Oleg Myrasov, & Patrick LeClair
9/25 Growing a physics program at Arkansas: Increasing student success Gay Stewart, University of Arkansas
10/2 No colloquium
10/9 Adventures in commercializing research Patrick LeClair & Brandt Hendricks, UA
10/16 On the trail of the elements: Astrobiology from a stellar perspective Patrick Young, Arizona State University
10/23 What low surface brightness galaxies tell us about dark matter Rachel Kuzio de Naray, Georgia State
10/30 No colloquium
11/6 Atmospheric Circulation Models of Hot Jupiters: Exploring Exotic Regimes and Predicting Observable Properties Emily Rauscher, Princeton
11/13 Current-driven transfer of spin momentum between magnets: its genesis and prospects John Slonczewski, IBM
11/20 Search for new Physics in the cosmic rays with AMS Paolo Zuccon, MIT
12/4 Neutrino physics with the SNO+ detector Freija Descamps, LBNL
12/11 X-ray Observations of Hot Gas in Galaxy Groups and Clusters with Chandra, XMM-Newton, and Suzaku Yuanyuan Su, University of California-Irvine

Spring 2014

Date Title/Abstract Speaker
2/5 Faculty Interests Mini-Colloquia:Classical and Sub-wavelength Spectroscopy in Carbon Nanotube Systems
The Luminosity-Size Relation for Galaxies
Paolo Araujo & Preethi Nair, University of Alabama
2/12 Understanding Interacting Many-Particle Systems: Accurate Theories for Liquids and Electronic Excitations in Solids Johannes Lischner, UC-Berkeley and LBNL
2/17 From Topological Insulators to Majorana Fermions Fan Zhang, University of Pennsylvania
2/19 Cancelled Sefaattin Tongay, UC-Berkeley
2/27 Shedding Light on Two-Dimensional Electrons in Graphene C.H. Lui, MIT
3/3 Cancelled Hayk Harutyunyan, Argonne National Laboratory
3/10 A Theory of Everything at Strong Coupling Matthias Kaminski, Washington
3/12 The Higgs Boson, Jets, and the Next Discovery Brock Tweedie, Pittsburgh
3/17 Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model: The Search for the Shadow World Andrey Katz, Harvard
3/19 Searching for Dark Matter, from Colliders to the Cosmos Sean Tulin, Michigan
3/31 Applications of the AdS/CFT Duality in Elementary Particle Physics Ingo Kirsch, DESY/Hamburg
4/9 Computational Nuclear Structure in the Eve of Exascale Witold Nazarewicz, Tennessee
4/16 Galaxy Evolution in Cluster Cores Louise Edwards, Yale

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