Financial support is available from a variety of sources for students pursuing PhD degrees in physics.

Departmental Support

Graduate students typically enter with teaching assistantships or fellowships and choose their research advisor during their first year in the program. Students with prior graduate work (e.g., latter years of diploma) can transfer up to half of the course requirements for the PhD degree, thus reducing the time for the degree.

Continuous financial support is available for students. Annual stipends range from $17,500 to $20,000 and are adequate to provide complete living expenses for a single graduate student. Tuition and fees are waived. Graduate students who are supported by a teaching assistantship or a fellowship also receive free health insurance.

To give an applicant full consideration for departmental support via graduate teaching or research assistantships, we must have all application materials by February 15. Typically, admission decisions are made and offers are sent out by March 15.

Support from Other Sources

The UA Graduate School offers a number of fellowships and other financial support, including Graduate Council Fellowships, McNair Graduate Fellowships, and NAA License Tag Graduate Fellowships, as well as frequent awards from its Research and Travel Support Fund. More information about these fellowships can be found at the Graduate School financial support website.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a Robert E. Gross Lockheed Fellowship in Physics.

The Alabama Space Grant Consortium offers $37,000 graduate fellowships, renewable for up to 3 years, with applications due in March.

For More Information

For more information about these and potentially other funding opportunities, contact us at