Grad Student Handbook

Please refer to the graduate student handbook of your incoming year and the latest graduate student handbook for information and requirements related to obtaining your graduate degree and maintaining good academic standing throughout your tenure at the University of Alabama.

Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Handbook, current and previous versions


Course schedule

Degree Progress and Requirements

Advising, checklists, deadlines, and forms

Qualifying Exam Information

See graduate handbook for the role of the qualifying exam.

Thesis and Dissertation Resources

UA Graduate School

Teaching Assistantships

Assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships (department information)

GTA workshops

International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP)


Career Resources and Opportunities

American Physical Society (APS): physics job listings, career advice, upcoming workshops and meetings, and career and job-related resources

UA Career Center

Where have our PhD graduates taken jobs?

Women in Physics at UA