Unless otherwise noted, colloquia are held Wednesdays 3:45-4:45 in Gallalee Hall 227. Coffee and cookies are available starting at 3:30.

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Date Title/Abstract Speaker
9/10 Graduate Student Survival at UA: from First Semester to Dissertation Defense Gary Mankey, University of Alabama
9/17 Faculty Interests Mini-Colloquia: The CMS experiment and the activities of the UA CMS group Paulo Araujo & Paolo Rumerio, University of Alabama
9/24 Faculty Interests Mini-Colloquia:
How supernova explosions are influenced by what the star is made of, and why it is important for measuring the makeup of the universeStudying Galaxy Evolution with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Dean Townsley & Preethi Nair, University of Alabama
10/1 UA physics teacher education: why you are probably using assessments incorrectly Penni Wallace &
Patrick LeClair, University of Alabama
10/8 Galaxy Morphology from the Near to the Far Universe Ron Buta, University of Alabama
10/15 The E-Nova Project: A Multi-Wavelength Initiative to Probe the Ejecta and
Environments of Novae
Laura Chomiuk, Michigan State University
10/29 The Science and Technologies of Spin Angular Momentum Transfer Jonathan Sun, IBM Research
11/5 Graphene for Enhancement of Raman Effect Mildred Dresselhaus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
11/12 Star Formation and Stellar Populations of Ultra-Luminous Galaxies at High Redshifts Haojing Yan, University of Missouri
11/19 The Beauty of the Many-Body Strong Interaction Thomas Hemmick, Stony Brook
12/3 Supermassive black hole binaries: the search continues Tamara Bogdanovic
Center for Relativistic Astrophysics
Georgia Tech
1/14 Dark Matter Detection Results, LUX, LZ and the State of the Field Richard Gaitskell
Brown University
1/21 Assembly of Massive Galaxies: Emerging Insights and Outstanding Challenges Shardha Jogee
University of Texas at Austin
1/26 Atomic-level ordering of complex oxide half-metals for high-performance spin-based electronics Adam Hauser
University of California, Santa Barbara
1/28 Casimir Energies and Forces: An Accelerating Subject Kimball Milton
University of Oklahoma
2/4 Cosmological Highlights from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey David Weinberg
Ohio State University
2/9 Dynamics, Damping, and Spin Transport in Spintronic Thin Film Heterostructures Carl Boone, Boston University
2/11 Superluminous Supernovae and LCOGT Andy Howell, LCOGT/UCSB
2/16 A Magnetic Majorana Fermion Factory Hua Chen, University of Texas Austin
2/18 Light-Matter Interaction and Transport in Quantum Materials: A Spintronics Perspective Wang-Kong Tse, Los Alamos National Lab
2/23 Atomically thin semiconductors: new devices and new physics Hugh Churchill, MIT
3/4 IceCube: The Beginning of Neutrino Astronomy Dawn Williams, University of Alabama
3/11 Black Holes in Horava Gravity Stefan Janiszewski, University of Victoria, Canada
4/1 PRIME: Enhancing UA’s Research Enterprise Jason Scofield, University of Alabama
4/15 Building the Black Hole in Our Own Backyard Kelly Holley-Bockelmann, Vanderbilt University
4/22 Inflationary cosmology and search for the particle physics of the early Universe Shinsuke, Kawai, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea