Unless otherwise noted, 2012-2013 colloquia are held Wednesdays 3:45-4:45 p.m. in 127 Gallalee Hall. Coffee and cookies are available starting at 3:30.

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Fall 2012

Date Title/Abstract Speaker
8/29 Annual Introductions
Update on the Mars Curiosity mission
Ray White
9/5 Faculty Research Mini-Colloquia:
The PhysTEC program at UA The Double Chooz neutrino experiment
J.W. Harrell
Patrick Leclair
Penni WallaceJerry Busenitz
9/12 Faculty Research Mini-Colloquia:
The age-metallicity relationship of stars in MUGS galaxy simulations The CMS Experiment and the Activities of the CMS Group at UA
Jeremy BailinPaolo Rumerio
Conor Henderson
9/26 Double Beta Decay: EXO-200 and Beyond Andreas Piepke
10/3 Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics: Going Forward Frank de Lucia
Ohio State
10/10 New Insights Into Hydrogen (water) at the Lunar Poles Rich Miller
University of Alabama-Huntsville
10/17 Walking with Paleozoic Tetrapods: An Astronomer’s Journey into Alabama’s Remote Past Ron Buta
10/24 Cavity-Enhanced Spectroscopic Measurement of Greenhouse Gases Joseph T. Hodges
National Institute of Standards and Technology
10/31 True Color: QCD Measurements with D0 at the Tevatron Collider Michael Strauss
University of Oklahoma
11/7 Through the Looking Glass: Matching Observational Diagnostics with Simulations of Star Formation Stella Offner
11/14 The Luster of Pt Sergey Urazhnin
11/21 Thanksgiving holiday
11/28 Muon Cooling and Future Muon Facilities Dan Kaplan
Illinois Institute of Technology

Spring 2013

Date Title/Abstract Speaker
1/9 Ultracold molecules – New frontiers in quantum and chemical physics Jun Ye
JILA, NIST, and University of Colorado
1/16 No colloquium
1/23 Kepler’s Exoplanets and Astrophysics: What the publications didn’t tell you … Steve Howell
1/30 RR Lyrae Stars in M31, M32, and M33 Ata Sarajedini
2/6 Magnetic Thin Films and Multilayers: Fabrication and Analysis Gary Mankey
2/11 Constraining Cosmological Models with Massive Galaxy Clusters Adam Mantz
3/13 Exploration of Magnetic Crystals: Macroscopic Investigation to Topographical Nanoengineering Deepak Singh
3/18 Charge transport and dynamics in nanomaterials and their interfaces Girriraj Jnawali
3/20 The Higgs Boson – Latest Results from the Large Hadron Collider Nick Hadley
3/27 No colloquium – Spring Break
4/1 The Impact of Secular Features on the Evolution of Disk Galaxies Preethi Nair
Space Telescope Institute
4/3 Emergent magnetic properties in hybrid nanostructures: scratching the surface for new physics Hariharan Srikanth
South Florida
4/8 Studying baryon physics with galaxy groups and clusters Ming Sun
Eureka Scientific
4/10 Tuning Electrical and Optical Properties of 2D Atomic Crystals A.K.M. Newaz
4/15 Galaxy Evolution in the Thermal Era Rik Williams
Carnegie Observatories4/17
4/17 Understanding Galaxy Evolution with Massive Starburst Galaxies Hai Fu
4/22 From new materials to devices for the future: the interface matters Dipanjan Mazumdar
4/24 Optical Spectroscopy and Phonon Self-Energy Renormalizations in Carbon Materials Paulo Araujo
5/1 No colloquium – Finals Week