Students are allowed to apply for transfer of graduate credit earned at another institution. In order for a course to be considered for transfer credit, the student must have earned a minimum grade of “B” on the course. In addition, the student must have achieved an overall average of “B” or better on all courses attempted at the institution from which transfer credit is being requested. The Graduate School must have an official transcript of the credit involved. Up to 1/2 of the required course work for a Ph.D. or M.S. degree is allowed to be transferred, with the approval of the department and the dean of the Graduate School. All credit toward the master’s degree must have been earned during the six years immediately preceding the date on which the degree is awarded. All credit toward the Ph.D. degree must have been earned during the six-year period preceding admission to the doctoral program. A form is available on the department website for submission to the Graduate School in applying for transfer credit.

In some cases, the Graduate School will be unable to grant transfer credit based on the information they have, and may suggest the student submit his or her transcripts to World Education Services. Upon the recommendation of the department’s Graduate Advising Committee, the department will cover the $125 fee for the WES services.