Course Requirements

A total of 30 semester hours of course work is required. The course requirements are the same as for the M.S. degree with thesis (§IV.A.1) except that, in place of PH 599 (Thesis Research), the student will take 6 additional hours of advisor-approved electives. These 6 hours must be graded Physics courses (not P/F) and cannot include PH 590 – Research Techniques.

Oral Examination

A comprehensive oral examination on the course content of the M.S. (non-thesis) program must be passed during the last semester of study. The committee will consist of at least three members of the department to be chosen by the department chairperson in consultation with the student. No more than one dissenting vote is allowed for a pass. The student may take the oral examination no more than twice. Note: A student en route to a doctoral degree may substitute the Preliminary Exam for this M.S. oral exam.