Graduate students are required to meet with an advisor each semester to plan their class schedules for the next semester. Each graduate student should maintain an advising worksheet for use during advising meetings. The worksheet should list past, current, and proposed courses; associated grades and semesters should be listed for past courses (in the format shown in the template). Students should usually enroll in 9-10 credit hours per semester, including research hours (if applicable), in order for degree requirements to be completed in a reasonable time.

Students should first meet with their research advisors (if they have one), then meet with an academic advisor on the Graduate Advising Committee. The advising worksheet requires signatures from the student, his/her research advisor (if applicable), and an academic advisor. After meetings with advisors, the student should give a copy of the signed worksheet to the front office secretary, in order to have a registration block removed.


  1. Update advising worksheet
  2. Meet with research advisor (if applicable), who signs worksheet
  3. Meet with academic advisor (from Grad Advising Comm.), who signs worksheet, along with student
  4. Give copy of advising worksheet to secretary, who lifts registration hold
  5. Register for classes

Advising Worksheets

Worksheets download as Microsoft Excel files. Students are suggested to save a copy and update it each semester as they progress.

Examples for PhD students, based on area of research:

Examples for MS students: