Fall 2019

This is an informal seminar where students, postdocs and faculty discuss research progress as well as plans for future research.

Location: Bevill Building, Room 2006

Time: Thursday, 4:00 p.m.

Contact: Georg Schwiete


Date Speaker Topic
Sept 12 Wang-Kong Tse TBA
Sept 26 Arjun Sapkota

Modi Ke


Oct 10 Gaurav Gupta

Zahidul Jitu

Oct 24 Ashok Pokhrel

Kayla Cole-Piepke

Nov 7 Georg Schwiete TBA
Nov 21 Woo-Ram Lee TBA
Dec 5 Claudia Mewes TBA

Previous Semesters:

Spring 2019

Date Speaker Topic
Feb 14 Claudia Mewes Computational Methods in Magnetism: From First Principles to Magnetization Dynamics
Feb 28 Woo-Ram Lee

Electric and thermal transport in 2D disordered electron systems at intermediate temperatures

March 21 Arjun Sapkota Origin of higher order anisotropy and limitations of the macrospin approximation of materials with inhomogeneous perpendicular anisotropy
April 4 Phuong Nguyen Density Matrix Theory for Photo-Induced Valley Hall Conductivity in Two-Dimensional Dirac Semiconductors
April 18 Mahmoud Asmar Interlayer RKKY Coupling in Bulk Rashba Semiconductors under Topological Phase Transition
May 2 Modi Ke RKKY interaction of 2D material with light

Fall 2018

Date Speaker Topic
Sep 10 Arjun Sapkota Limitations of the macrospin approximation of materials with inhomogeneous perpendicular anisotropy
Sep 24 Georg Schwiete Transport of charge, heat and spin in electronic systems – recent progress and future plans
Oct 8 Ashok Pokhrel Determination of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction in Ultrathin Films and Multilayer Structures using First Principles
Oct 22 Wang-Kong Tse Quantum Dynamics in Van Der Waals Materials
Nov 5 Kayla Cole First principles calculations of stacking fault energies of Co-based alloys
Nov 19 Mahmoud Asmar Interface symmetries and spin control in topological insulator-semiconductor heterostructures